«Режиссерская школа Товстоногова»

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Автор книги, доктор искусствоведения, профессор Санкт-Петербургской государственной академии театрального искусства и Государственной театральной школы Норвегии — многолетний свидетель и участник педагогического процесса в Мастерской Г. А. Товстоногова; ее практический совместный опыт работы с Мастером делает книгу особенно ценной.

Книга адресована студентам и преподавателям театральных вузов и может быть полезна всем, кто интересуется проблемами сценической педагогики, искусством театра.

1 his book presents, for the first time, the teaching methods of the eminent Master of the stage, G.A. Tovstonogov, who devoted more than fifty years of his life to the education of actors and directors. During his career, he created a unified system of training: the Tovstonogov school of directing, which was in the tradition of Russian theatrical education, but marked by the unique individuality of its creator. His school is alive today, developing new approaches, and offering new treatments of K.S. Stanislavsky's fundamental principles, particularly of his method of active analysis of plays and roles, and of method of physical actions. The highest moral aims of the theater and the techniques of the profession are inseparable in the pedagogy of G.A. Tovstonogov.'

To understand Tovstonogov's methods, the book examines the stages in the educational process of this school of directing, and gives a detailed examination of its syllabus and lecture topics. The book also presents Tovstonogov's rigorous system of practical terminology, one tested by many years of practice. Finally, the book describes examples of practical lessons given by the Master.

The author of the book, a Ph.D. and professor at the St. Petersburg State Academy of Theatre Arts and of the State School of Theatre of Norway, is a long-time observer and participant in the pedagogical process of G.A. Tovstonogov's Studio. Her practical, collaborative work with the Master makes the book especially valuable.

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